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Dec 29, 2022

Why Does Every Google Ads Campaign Need a Separate Landing Page?

A landing page is a single web page developed for an advertising or marketing campaign in digital marketing. It’s the page a user reaches after clicking an ad or link from a social media platform or a search engine like Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. In contrast to regular web pages, landing pages are meant to get only one specific action (called a “call to action” or CTA for short). Because of their exclusive purpose, landing pages are the most effective tool for boosting the ROI of marketing efforts and decreasing the price per lead or sale. A post-click landing page for your Google Ads campaign is important if you want to get the attention of the people you want to buy from you.

Tips for a good landing page for Google Ads

Once a user clicks on a link, the first page they view is the landing page. Much of the time, the link originates from some marketing campaign like pay-per-click or a banner ad. The landing page is not, and should not be the website’s primary page. Your general home page may not be the best place to discuss the product or service you’re advertising, so you might consider redirecting them there instead. Simply put, each page on your site has the potential to be a landing page. A good AdWords landing page, according to Google’s Learning Center, has the following characteristics:

Invaluable and pertinent

Users should see comparable content whether they click on ads or text links. Your landing page needs visitor-specific information to succeed. Your landing page should show that visitors are interested in your products or services.

Don’t direct your user to the home page first

Your visitors may get even more perplexed if you direct them to the homepage instead of a dedicated landing page. Users who land on a site with generic content and navigation may quit their search. This may add to your visitors’ problems with your site. So, it’s best to either use a web page with the information you need or, better yet, make a new web page that can serve as a landing page.

Creating a One-of-a-Kind Homepage

Using a landing page for your ad text or link can help you and your visitors in several ways.

Monitor visits to advertising landing pages

You may choose to monitor the efficacy of various advertising campaigns, including those that include paid links in the form of AdWords, banner advertisements, and so on. A dedicated landing page allows you to collect valuable data about your visitors, including their click-through rates, page views, and conversion rates. You can make your advertising campaign more effective by looking at how well it works (or doesn’t) and making any necessary changes. Learn More: Google Search Ads Agency

Don’t waste your advertising efforts

They clicked on your ad because they were interested in learning more about the goods or services you were selling. It is sneaky, dishonest, and wrong to send people who click on an ad to a landing page that has nothing to do with the ad. This could get your site banned from major search engines. If, for example, a visitor clicks on a banner ad that says it will give them a free report on how to lose weight but instead sends them to a website with deep discounts on gadgets, the advertiser has been dishonest. Your goal should be to give laser-focused material in the form of visuals and writing that compels readers to act. With a landing page, you can give specific information without changing how your site usually works.

Collect information about potential customers

You might ask people for their contact information on a landing page to send them the promised content. But be careful about how much personal information you ask for. An email address is usually enough to classify a visitor as a lead.

Experiment with ideas outside the box

A landing page can also be used to research an unorthodox way to promote a product or service. Similarly, try a landing page with no menu, just the most important things the reader needs to know and a form they must fill out before they can move on. It has been shown that this type of nontraditional landing page, which doesn’t have the usual navigation links, has a higher conversion rate. Adding a countdown timer to a landing page gives the reader a feeling of urgency and encourages them to act quickly. Likewise, landing pages with customer testimonials and images of trusted payment icons can help prove that your website is real. Landing pages may also be used for A/B testing various sales strategies. Consider if a dollar-off coupon or a percentage-off coupon would be more beneficial for your goods. If growing your subscriber base is vital to your company, try several landing page designs.

  • A membership with great perks
  • Putting a lock next to the “sign up” button
  • Adding a phone number to your website is a simple way to establish its credibility.
  • Make use of the chat feature on the homepage.

Creating a landing page is a terrific way to try out a new feature on your website and see how visitors react to it.

Constructing Google Ads Landing Pages for Optimal Performance

You’ve decided to use Google Ads, but you’re unsure where to begin or what elements make up a good landing page. This is a primer on the subject.

Advertisements on Google’s Landing Pages

When you write your headline and body text, make sure the value of your offer is clear. What would motivate them to act if a visitor is still on your site? What do they stand to gain if they part with their money or contact details? For effective landing page text in your Google Ads campaigns, consider the following suggestions:

  • Give careful attention to a catchy headline: The title of your landing page is the most crucial portion of your material, since some visitors will just read the headline. Give it your all.
  • Produce text that is easy to read and understand: You should highlight those advantages in the text of your landing page. Justify your stance by providing a rationale. To what end do they need your services? Where does it provide relief, and what issues does it resolve?
  • Use emotions to connect with your readers on your landing pages: Here are a few examples of how you might inject some feeling into your landing page writing.
  • Pick an excellent picture: A landing page for an online store needs many excellent pictures of the products sold. It is still possible to use compelling visuals on your landing page to communicate the value of your business.
  • Use formatting tools such as bullet points, boldface, and italics. With this, your readers will have a much simpler time focusing on the most crucial aspects of your writing. Remember that you want them to spend less time reading and more time buying.

Landing Page Applications for Google Ads

To follow up with site visitors, you need to include a form on your landing page for collecting their contact details. It is one of the two most crucial parts of your Google Ads landing page, along with the title. The optimization of a form may have a dramatic influence on the number of conversions you get. Consider the following things: Find a happy medium between collecting all the information you need and making it simple for your site visitors to fill out the form. Find out what others recommend by reading up on landing page forms. Inexperienced landing page designers often make the mistake of not tailoring the CTA or call to action button. A call to action (CTA) that is easy to understand and looks interesting could increase sales. Once a user clicks on your call-to-action button, they will be sent to a “thank you” page. View some excellent case studies of gratitude websites.

Various Other Factors to Think About When Creating a Landing Page

What else makes a Google Ads landing page effective? Remember to stick to these recommended procedures: First, think about mobile devices:

  • Get your website ready for mobile users in terms of how long it takes to load and how easy it is to use.
  • Many potential customers will be lost if your landing page is unresponsive or the form cannot be completed on a mobile device.
  • Keep an eye on your landing pages.
  • Try out different lengths, formats, and calls to action.
  • Testing is the only certain approach to increasing conversion rates.
  • Use conversion tracking to monitor your best leads and sales.

Reasons why you need a separate landing page

Building high-performance landing pages for Google Ads If you’re like most others, you’ve decided to use Google Ads, but you have no clue where to begin or what elements a landing page needs to be effective. You might think of this as an introduction to the topic.

Commercials that appear on Google’s Result Pages

Make sure the benefits of your offer jump off the page in both the headline and the body copy. If a site visitor is still interested in learning more, what might entice them to take the next step? Why should people trust you enough to give you their money or personal information? Consider the following tips for writing engaging landing page copy for your Google Ads campaigns:

Pay close attention to a captivating headline

Some visitors get a first impression from your landing page; thus, the title is the most important part of your content. Attempt your best. Create simple content to read and understand: Highlight these benefits in your landing page copy. Please include supporting evidence for your position. Why do people even want to use your services if they already have everything they need? Just where does it help, and what problems does it fix? Use emotions to engage visitors on landing pages: Here are some ways to add a human touch to your landing page copy.

Choose a stunning image

For an e-commerce website’s homepage to be successful, it must have several high-quality images of available items. Landing page graphics can still be a great way to show how valuable your business is.

Create bullet points, emphasize text, and underline key phrases

With this, it will be considerably less of a struggle for your readers to zero in on the meatiest parts of your writing. You want them to skip the reading and get straight to the purchase, so keep that in mind.

AdWords Landing Page Software

A contact form on the landing page is essential for keeping in touch with site visitors. Like the headline, it is one of the two most important aspects of your Google Ads landing page. Optimizing your form could have a big effect on how many people choose to buy from you. Keep in mind the following factors: Strike a balance between overwhelming your site visitors with a long-form and asking for the bare minimum of the information you need. Check out the landing page forms to see what the community says. Inexperienced landing page designers often forget to personalize the “CTA” button, which stands for “call to action.” A clear and compelling call to action (CTA) can greatly affect conversion rates. After answering your call to action, users will be taken to a “thank you” screen. Check out some examples of thanks on the Internet.

Recommendations for a Landing Page

To attract more mobile users, you should make your site as quick and easy as possible. If your landing page isn’t mobile-friendly or the form won’t load on a smartphone, you’ll lose a lot of prospective clients. Inspect your landing pages regularly. Also, experiment with various word counts, structures, and calls to action. Similarly, without testing, there is no way to improve conversion rates. It would help if you used conversion monitoring to determine where your best leads and sales come from.


You may utilize any page in your site’s navigation to serve as a landing page. Ad campaign landing pages should be prioritized above site pages for the user experience. Maintain a close eye on your site’s bounce rate and work to reduce it as much as possible.

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