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Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Feb 7, 2023

Google Ads vs. TikTok Ads – which one is better?

The main objective of any investment is to obtain the highest and loftiest ROI (Return on Investment). Here in the world of digital transformation where brands are blooming so rapidly, the mainstream promotion of the brands is done using Google Ads and among the rising social media platforms is TikTok Ads. So, most people are perplexed regarding where to invest to get the max out of it. Here, we will provide you with a detailed comparison of both the Google Ads vs. TikTok ads. So you can invest in the right place and earn the maximum profit.

Comparison of Google Ads and TikTok Ads

Google Ads Vs TikTok Ads, Which One is Better?

Ease of Use

Where Google Ads are pretty easy to set up and take a start with, there at the same time, earning a handsome profit without a sound understanding of Google Ads is a hard nut to crack. One must have a thorough understanding of using the right keywords, depicting the unique selling point of your services or products, and determining the audience so that your ad may reach the right people at the right time. But if you could not lay a good foundation for a Google Ad and just randomly created an ad and made it live, you will never be able to drive sales and generate leads. However, Using TikTok ads is easier as it involves simply beginning a campaign, creating ad groups, and creating your unique ad. So, using and understanding TikTok ads is way easier than Google Ads. Learn More: Google Search Ads Agency

Cost Efficiency

With respect to the CPM, Google Search Ads are a bit cheaper with an average CPM ranging from 0.75$ to 3$ with a conversion rate of 3% while for the Display campaigns, it can range up to 4$ per CPM. The average CPC varies in different industries for Google Ads, but it can range from 0.55$ to about 150$ depending on the type of campaign. Whereas, the average CPM in TikTok ads is about 10$ which is slightly higher than the Google Ads. The average CPC on TikTok is 1$, or it can vary depending on the bidding with a conversion rate of almost 1% which is fair enough to generate a good profit. We have also managed to consistently achieve cheaper CPMs on TikTok than on Google and Facebook for mobile marketing campaigns. Read our free TikTok advertiser guide for our latest benchmarks comparing TikTok, Google, and Facebook on CPM, CPC, and more.

Age groups on Google and TikTok Ads

People of all age groups use Google every day. From helping kids in education to giving delicious recipes to Ladies in the kitchen, Google is helping in every aspect of life, including online banking, online shopping, connecting with friends, and many more. Therefore, it is the best platform to target people of any age and promote any business with the best ad placement strategies. However, 90% of TikTok users are youngsters with an age below 34. Thus, TikTok provides businesses with a limited audience reach in age groups. Therefore, to achieve success using TikTok ads, your ads must be planned and organized according to the young generation. Check Our Tiktok Ads Agency

Branding Method

Google Ads display their ads on Google Display Network and YouTube and provide a number of different campaigns to capture the most relevant audience for the products and services that your brand is offering. It offers you various ad campaigns including Search ads, Display ads, Video ads, Shopping/Products ads, App campaigns, etc. You can also check our article on Google Ads which will provide you with a complete guide about how to use Google Ads to boost sales. These campaigns help the advertiser to focus on their goals and reach the right audience completely. Google Ads help in establishing small businesses, remarketing the products/services, and boosting sales. As TikTok is a video-sharing platform, TikTok ads are usually small videos of less than a minute which are Top view ads, in-feed ads, Branded hashtag ads, Branded effect ads, and Brand takeover ads. The best part of TikTok ads is that they don’t appear as ads because they appear in the news feed of a user within the “For You” page and there they blend with other videos and in this way, they gain a high engagement rate.  TikTok ads can be broadcasted through a Personal Channel where you can promote your Brand’s products and services in an amazing way, and you can get virality in a short period of time to fetch the maximum number of followers. The other way to get viral in the spur of the moment is to coordinate with TikTok’s Top Rated influencers or creators to get the maximum engagement and followers that will greatly increase your brand awareness in no time. Read our story about a TikTok influencer ad that went viral for our client, a meditation app.

High Buying Intent

Most people search for a product or service on Google only when they verily need it. So, when a potential customer is scrolling through the search engine and comes up with an ad that completely fits his needs and expectations, he will definitely click the ad to visit the website to see the products and their features. And if the website is catchy and the products are good enough to match the viewer’s needs, the visitor will absolutely convert into a customer. Thus, google search ads provide viewers with a high buying intent. While TikTok is an entertainment app where users are not pursuing the products. Rather they are spending their leisure time watching and enjoying the content they like the most. In this case, when an ad appears, there is little chance that a user clicks on the ad and visits the website. However, chances are always there. In spite of this fact, TikTok ads offer a CTR rate of about 1% which is a good number.

User Engagement

Google Ads provides a huge audience with over 2 million websites in its Display Network and billions of users on YouTube. Although Google Ads provides you with new customers with the right ad placement in front of the person searching for exactly that product or service. But the engagement rate is low, which is about 0.57% on Google Display Network and 4.40% on Search Network. TikTok Rules and Reigns in terms of user engagement. It has a seamlessly high engagement rate ranging from 3% to 9% with an average of 6%. According to a study, 90% of TikTok users open the TikTok multiple times (almost 8 times) a day. With an average watch time of 95 minutes per day which is a benchmark. Thus, if your Brand is new in the market you can even get viral with a single video by using unique and amazing content and can get the most no. of followers which no other social media platform offers. In short, where Google offers you a huge audience and high conversion rate through search engines, TikTok being the king of engagement, helps to build Brand awareness in an exceptionally quick time.

The peculiarity of Google Ads and TikTok ads

Google is the most popular search engine with 8.5 billion global searches per day, which reveals a tremendous authority. And about 65% of small to giant business companies use PPC campaigns. Thus, no one can deny the supremacy of Google Ads in business advertisements and promotions to get new customers and make the investment worthwhile. TikTok ads on the other depict a Perfect Marketing strategy where ads don’t appear as commercial videos, which results in the highest engagement rates. The unique algorithm of TikTok allows the audience to interact with the audience. In a much similar way as the other videos. Following this, about 52% of the users proclaimed that TikTok ads are amusing, delightful, and engaging. And this is the uniqueness of TikTok ads. If you are keen to learn how to craft the perfect TikTok ad, browse through our free TikTok Handbook for advertisers.


Summing up the above discussion, we can say every marketing strategy has its pros and cons. So, we can’t neglect completely anyone of them. Where Google Ads provides your customers with a high buying intent and remarketing ads which help drive sales and generate the maximum returns there at the same time TikTok offers quick promotion and fast growth of a brand by raising Brand awareness and recognition even to the international audience. Thus, testing and tweaking the ads on both channels depending on your goals until you get the desired case of ads and the right campaign for your business is the best way to get the maximum ROI. Using both platforms while keeping in view their unique points is the best way to flourish and shine.

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