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Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Sep 22, 2022

7 Ways To Generate Mobile App Downloads Through Social Media

If you have successfully made an app and no one is downloading it, then you are in a bit of trouble. But it can be sorted out, so don’t panic. Here, we will be discussing 7 ways to generate app downloads through social media. Think of it as if you have finally built an app: The design is fantastic, and the app runs perfectly fine on every device. The niche you have selected for your app is unexplored and there is not much competition in it. The real question is, how will someone know about your application and download it? Many developers and go through this problem, but it has many solutions to it. In this article, we will be breaking down 7 ways to generate mobile app downloads through social media.

1. Social Media Outreach

In the modern era, app developers must be inclined in expanding their presence online. Before you decide which social platforms you will use for marketing your app, make sure you know what angle you will be starting from. Your presence on social media must be matching the personality of your app. Do not bore your audience with the business language if your app is supposed to be cool and edgy. Your audience must be targeted in the way the app demands.

The most popular social media platforms

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

Don’t forget popular platforms for special interest audiences!

  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Discord

According to multiple surveys, the social media platform to be used most widely is Facebook. Around 2.5 billion users use Facebook in a month. In addition, reports suggest that 90M+ small businesses connect with their customers through Facebook. If you edit the call-to-action button on your Facebook page to ‘use app‘, the page visitors can be directed to either a specific section of the application or to the store from which they can install it. It helps in increasing organic installations and increases app downloads. Of course, Facebook ads are one of the main channels to run paid app download campaigns.  Similarly, create a business page on Instagram and create advertisements on it that will redirect your audience to the place from where they can download the app directly, thus generating app downloads organically. Snapchat ads are another popular way, and these ads appear when you are switching between stories or in the Discover section. Once tapped, these advertisements can bring traffic to your application and users may end up downloading it. It is a very popular way of marketing your app. If you are good at making those advertisements that are short, require a small attention span, and can grab the audience’s attention, then it is preferred to go with TikTok. TikTok is one of the most used apps these days. If the audience is attracted through these ads, then they will surely download your app to check how it works. If you are having trouble marketing your app on social media platforms, then you can connect with us. At Admiral Media, we help our clients to scale and boost their business through social media advertising.

2. Create attractive and engaging content

Think of yourself as a potential buyer. When you go out shopping, what do you buy instantly? The answer is something that catches your attention. Would you buy a dress or a pair of shoes that you would not find attractive? Similar is the case with downloading an app. When you use social media for marketing your app and generating app downloads, you must give the audience a jaw-dropping advert to let them know why they should download this app. The content you upload on social media requires you to put in some extra hard work. The awesomeness of this content is directly proportional to the app downloads you will generate. Hire a creative team to design your social media content. Give your audience the information they need to have and provide them the content that proves helpful in getting the right image of your app in the minds of the masses. If your app serves the purpose you have mentioned in your marketing, then this will build the trust of people in your app and company. Give the audience a reason why they must download your app. If your app is edgy and cool, then your content must also be attractive. If your app is simple and professional, your content must provide information on why someone should install it.

3. Influencer Marketing

Another popular way of generating app downloads through social media is influencer marketing. In influencer marketing, you hire people with a good and organic reach to market your app. People these days tend to listen to many influencers. They are intrigued by the content they post. People buy from places they recommend and eat from places they suggest. So, why will they not download an app that will be suggested by the influencer they follow? Sure they will. All you need to do is hire that influencer whose content matches the type of app you are hiring to market. This will help you reach an interested audience in the minimum amount of time. If you hire a YouTuber, they will market your app in the middle of their videos and if they have an audience of millions then a lot of people from that pool will end up downloading your app. If you hire a TikToker, then they will market your app differently and people who follow them will surely end up downloading the app of their recommendation. Influencer marketing is playing a key role in boosting small businesses, one way or the other. If done right, influencer marketing can do wonders for you.   Some important factors to be considered in influencer marketing are:

  • Hire those influencers whose audience matches your targeted audience
  • The goal of the campaign must be defined. The content to be shared by the influencer depends completely on the goal. Since your goal is to make people download your app, then must keep it in mind for making decisions
  • Provide influencers with the content they need for promoting your app.

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4. Optimizing social media profiles

Your social media marketing agency must optimize the profiles by using the proper techniques of SEO. If you know the nature of your app and what need it serves, you must also be very well aware of the keywords people use to search stuff similar to your app. When the audience will search for stuff that resembles the app you are marketing through your social media profiles, your profile will show up in the search results. If your app is related to finance, then you will try to use those keywords more and more in your social media descriptions that have a close resemblance to finance in one way or the other. Your app will end up losing credibility if you will use too many irrelevant keywords in the description of your social media content.

5. User Reviews

Another effective way of generating app downloads is to draw positive reviews from people who have downloaded and used your app. People who review your app as a valuable download are key factors in drawing potential audiences toward downloading your app. It also increases app visibility. Tactics of purchasing reviews may have come into your mind, but if the app store becomes aware that you are using this trick then your app may get suspended entirely. Having organic reviews from an audience that is real is far more valuable for your app downloads compared to fabricated reviews. These feedbacks provide detailed information to other potential users and can also be helpful for you to make changes or fix bugs in the application. People love to recommend apps they use when someone asks them for them. If people will be talking about your app, then it will have a positive impact on its downloads.

6. Interacting with the community

When people give a review about your app, make sure you answer them when it is necessary. Check the comments they make related to your app and try to keep your audience satisfied. The negative comments must be answered and try to resolve problems that are mentioned by the people. People get more interested in something when they see their voices and opinions being heard. It grabs attention.

7. Keep testing new approaches and channels

You can have a solid social media marketing strategy for your app and just execute it, but especially in these uncertain times, the playing field constantly changes. If you are not ready to embrace new channels, tactics, trends, and memes, then you are missing out! And social media has become a huge playing field with so many communities you can address, apart from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter: TikTok is still undervalued by advertisers and growing massively, and Reddit or Pinterest let you meet users with very specific interests, or you could set up a Discord for your community – so never stop testing what can work for your app.


Social media marketing is an important factor that helps you in generating app downloads. If done right, it can do wonders for you. Increasing your social media outreach, creating attractive content, using influencer marketing, optimizing your social media profiles, having user reviews on your app, interacting with your community, and always testing new things are the 7 important ways to generate app downloads through social media.

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