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Andre Kempe,


Admiral Media,

Mar 2, 2022

Why you should link your client’s Google Ads Account to Google Search Console

Google Ads is search-based advertising which means they appear above your search results based on the keyword you have searched. On the other hand, Google Search Console is a tool that shows you when your website appears in the search results and what keywords someone was searching for before they see your website on the search results page. This makes Google Search Console and Google Ads compatible tools. Here are the top reasons why should you link your client’s Google Ads Account to the search console.

  1. Compare Paid vs Organic Keywords After linking Google Search Console to Google Ads, you’ll be able to see the keywords used just before your website appears in the search results page. Also, you’ll be able to see the keywords you’re bidding on. This will help you understand the status of your paid vs organic. In fact, most marketers use that to find new keywords to bid on and expand their ad account.
  2. Compare To Other Bidders Google Ads is an auction-based ad platform where multiple advertisers bid against each other to get their ad in front of a user. Once you link your Google Search Console, you’ll be able to see how your ads perform against others in every auction.

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How to link Google Ads Account to Google Search Console?

It’s very important to link your ads and search console. Not just for the sake of making data collection easier, but also because Google’s Ads and Search Console give you more advantages once linked. Here is how you can link them in an easy and quick way:

  • Login to your Google Ads account.
  • Click on Tools and Settings from the top right section.
  • Click on Linked Accounts under the Setup column.

Google Ads account


  • Find Search Console and click on Details, you’ll get a popup to continue linking your Google Search Console account.

Google Ads Account by Admiral Media Once linked, these two powerhouses will give you a ton of useful data. That will help you shape your strategy and structure your Google Ads account for efficiency.

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